Ola Hallengren‘s free scripts & solution for SQL native backups, index & statistics care-and-feeding, and a generally awesome replacement for native maintenance plans.  If you’re stuck on native, at least upgrade to this.

Or, if you have a little dough, check out Minionware!  Database maintenance by DBAs, for DBAs.  Their staff is super responsive and helpful.


Three down-to-earth, funny & sharp guys who make the world of software development a little better by taking deep dives into coding topics with an honest & realistic perspective. Leave ’em some 5-star love!
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Brent Ozar Unlimited
If you’ve ever had problems with your SQL servers, this is the first place you go!
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SQL Data Partners
Want to learn more about the various features and technologies in & around SQL Server?  Check out these interviews and discussions.
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SQL Server Radio
A little more “internationally flavored”, these guys really know their stuff – not only with SQL Server itself but other relevant happenings and tech in the data storage/science space.
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MS Dev Show
Another great software dev podcast, helping you keep up with the tech & trends in modern web & app development.
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Kendra Little’s Dear SQL DBA
Co-founder & alumni of Brent Ozar U, she has her own excellent podcast to help you learn more about SQL Server and the DBA’s daily grind.
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The Cloudcast
Cloud-centric tech podcast with a nice mix of news, info, & practical interviews.

Infrastructure engineering podcast with entertaining personalities and solid interviews.

The Cynical Developer
Offshoot of CodingBlocks community, James interviews actual developers making real-world use of various technologies to explain “why you should bother with them”, but also does terrific soft-skills talks to help you be more productive and effective.

Digital Freedom Productions
To make your podcast sound professional, hire the pros and spend your valuable time doing what you love best.  These guys/gals are top-notch in producing & polishing podcast content, and their support is fantastic.

Blogs (which aren’t already covered by Podcasts links):

Developer blogs from the Coding Blocks community:

And general community:

Final bits:

  • A fascinating little blog post praising the merits of SQL
  • A nice bullet-point article on finding out a bunch of meta-info about your SQL servers & databases, sometimes called an “environment survey” or “inventory”.
  • A nice yet abandoned post on legacy LiteSpeed for SQL Server (a Dell/Quest product) extended stored-procedure (xp’s) documentation.  Handy when you’re running a significantly old version that is no longer found in official docs.
  • And, last but not least, my own 10 Commandments.

Read, learn, enjoy!